After wrestling with trying to take care of our network and computer needs myself for over 20 years, I finally reached out for help. I personally interviewed and received quotes for equipment and service plans from many different providers. There was one that stood out in a very unique way – Network Computing Group (NCG). The reason I found them to be unique is very simple. They were more concerned about providing all of the services I needed than selling me pieces of equipment. I know that equipment is important – it forms the base, or foundation, of what is needed to get our job done. But, our NCG service and maintenance plan is what I value the most. What that really says is that the relationship we have with the people at NCG who provide the service and maintenance on our IT system is far more important than any piece of equipment. Equipment has to be replaced from time to time. But the entire team of fine people at NCG, who support and help us quickly and efficiently, day and night, will never be replaced.

Dana R. Bible, EA
Enrolled Agent, Accountant
Licensed to Represent Taxpayers Betore the Internal Revenue Service
President, Dana R. Bible Accounting, Inc.

NCG came highly recommended to us, but we delayed in making a decision to commit to them. Our agency was hit by a “crypto” virus and when we called them responded so quickly that they were able to limit the damage to our systems to 2 computers. We have since committed all of our IT to them. They are currently working on updating and securing our server and providing new equipment and monthly maintenance to us. We couldn’t be happier or feel more secure about our current IT situation.

Ann Fisher
Virginia CARES, Inc.

NCG does a great job, we rely on them to handle most all our computer and network needs.

Chad Tyson
Corrugated Container Corporation

We have been very pleased with NCG. They are prompt in responding to our calls and have gone out of their way to minimize any disruption to our work schedule when new installations are necessary. We highly recommend them!!

Doris Rogers
Mundy Rogers & Associates LLP

Thanks to NCG, my computer problems are down to a fraction of what they used to be. As new problems or projects arise, I feel comfortable knowing they will be addressed in a timely and satisfactory manner. I wish I had contracted out to them years ago!!

Loren Bruffey JR
Cardinal Rubber & Seal, Inc.

Our firm has used Network Computing Group for around twelve years. They are prompt to take care of any issues and will follow up to make sure everything is working properly. They always try to find the less expensive route to solving issues we may be having. They make suggestions that save both time and money.

Karen Williams
Cranwell, Moore & Emick P.L.C.

We switched to NCG after having been with another IT company for years. They assisted us every step of the way in making the transition easy and understandable.

Carla Craft
Virginia Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the consistently high quality service delivered by Network Computing Group and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a hard working company in the Managed IT Support Provider sector.

Rick Rock
Howell's Motor Freight