As a prospective customer, we offer a complimentary security audit to pin-point where you are most vulnerable to virus infection, hacker attacks, and data loss. We’ll also show you how to stop spam from eating up your network resources without interfering with legitimate e-mails you want to receive.

You wouldn’t plan a long trip without making sure that your car was in good working order. The same should be true of your business technology plan. Network Computing Group can both tune up the engine that drives your IT systems and provide you with a technology road map that will keep you on the expressway to success.

NCG’s No Cost 27-Point Total Prevention Network Audit checks all the essentials:

  • Continuity – Data Backup & Redundancy, Power Circuit – UPS, and Environment
  • Functionality & Usability – Servers, Network, Desktops; Service, Portables and Peripherals
  • Security – Physical, Network, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-SPAM, Shares, Permissions, User Rights, Password Policies

With your business technology running on all cylinders, it’s full speed ahead.