Black Friday Deals – Best Buy

Black Friday deals seem like they begin earlier every year. Most of the bigger retailers don’t even wait until Friday to roll out the specials on big-ticket or most wanted items. We are here to offer you some insight into this year’s tech deals. Whether it’s about a new 4K TV or how to get

Have You Felt Thankful for Technology Lately?  

  Grateful for Optimization: Why We’re Celebrating Tech Innovation This Thanksgiving For today’s business owners, technology is tightly woven into everything they do. A strong IT platform is literally the foundation of every modern business, however, it’s become second nature, so its contributions are often overlooked or undervalued. Professionals become so used to technology being

Dominating Weather Worries: Making it Possible for Employees to Work from Home in Inclement Weather

Unpredictable weather patterns are making it more and more difficult for business owners to feel confident in their business continuity strategies. From snow-storms and flash-flooding to tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires, the wrath of Mother Nature poses a serious threat to continuity, no matter the industry. Of course, the first and main priority in wicked weather

Local Roanoke Area Managed IT Company is shining the light on technology for Non-Profits

Nonprofit organizations, local charities, advocacy groups are relying on business IT systems to help with the delivery of services to members, assist in the servicing of those who they are called to serve and accurately account for all donations received and expenses within the organization. However, today’s nonprofit organization continues to struggle to find reliable

GIBON – The Next Ransomware Threat

The latest strain of ransomware — GIBON — is making the rounds; make sure your business knows how to protect against it. Ransomware is now a household name, and there’s no going back. Even though cybercriminals have been using ransomware for years now, it wasn’t until the global Wanna Cry attack earlier this year that

Remember: Daylight Savings Time This Weekend

REMINDER: Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday, November 5th: Make Sure Your Employees are Ready to Fall Back Safely When talking about Daylight saving time and business productivity, the focus is often placed on when Daylight saving time begins in the Spring. We lose an hour of sleep and an hour of business, and it can

13 Time Saving Shortcuts for Microsoft Word

These Microsoft Word shortcuts will save your fingers and your time with quick keyboard tricks and little-known Microsoft Office secrets.   Whether you own an Apple or IBM product, chances are you will use Microsoft Word at home, at work, or at your friend’s house.  While the program is fairly intuitive for new users to

Meet Alan! Your Typical Small Business Owner

Alan owns a small business and he works hard every day to ensure his business is successful. Alan has realized that to be successful, he must be 100% focused on the things that matter…. Things like… …  winning new business …. keeping his customers happy …  managing his expenses …..And of course ensuring his staff