Moving Your Accounting Firm to the Cloud?

Accounting firms that move into the cloud become more efficient, more productive, more mobile, and, perhaps more importantly, more profitable. Here are the clear benefits of what to expect when you move your firm into the cloud.   What’s the perfect setup for a football Sunday?  Everything within reach from the remote to the recliner

Empowering PowerPoint:  A Closer Look at New Features  

New PowerPoint 2016 features add dynamic effects, more design options, and professional results to presentations.   Recently, Microsoft has upped its game when it comes to PowerPoint.  With the introduction of several powerful new tools, PowerPoint now puts more control and flexibility into the hands of users. It began with the launch of Designer, Morph,

NIST Compliance: How to Address Challenging Components 

New guidelines governing the transmission, storage and use of protected data create compliance challenges for companies and contractors looking to do business with federal and state agencies. Companies wanting to continue to do business with certain federal departments and agencies have just a few months to ensure that their cybersecurity protocols are up to par.

Read This Before You Turn On Bluetooth!

As cybercrime tactics continue to adapt and overcome conventional IT security, it’s more important than ever to have powerful cybersecurity support in Virginia.     Cybercrime is a common part of business these days. Even if you haven’t encountered a hacking or malware issue at your Virginia business in recent years, the fact is that

Don’t Update Your iPhone Yet!

ADVISORY: Apple Mail Is Incompatible With Microsoft Office 365 Our Microsoft Office 365 experts want to keep you informed about the latest developments in Office 365 and the Apple iOS and any other technologies you use every day. As necessary as software updates are for keeping programs effective and users safe, they can occasionally cause