Preparing your business to face ANYTHING. That’s business continuity from Network Computing Group!

One of the fascinating things about life is you never know what’s going to happen next and it is vital to have a business continuity plan in place.

Business is no different.  Tomorrow could be sunshine and lollipops – or it could be hail and lightning.

You just never know…

Leaders ensure their company’s future.  Part of leading a business – or an IT department – is making certain that data loss doesn’t destroy your business. Unfortunately, companies go under…

Not because they don’t have good people at the top, but because their data has been compromised, lost, or stolen.

  • When did you last test your business backups?
  • Do you have a business continuity plan in place?
  • Does it include a holistic approach and an annual review?

You should.

More than 50% of businesses that suffer a major data loss never recover.

That’s why intuitive business leaders across the country are turning to the Network Computing Group team!

Network Computing Group designs, implements, and maintains business continuity strategies and solutions that will give you certainty about your company’s ability to weather anything that comes along.

What kinds of things?

Human error. Natural disaster. Fire. Flood. Cyber-attack.  Any of these things have the potential to take your business down…and shut you down for good.  But we won’t let that happen!

No matter what tomorrow throws your way, the Network Computing Group team can get your IT up and running again quickly.

How do we ensure business continuity for your company?

We backup and virtualize your whole IT environment – servers, computer operating systems, settings, applications, and files.


Then, if you need it in the event of even a simple power outage – it’s there for you.  We’ll enable you to pick up and keep going from where you left off – from any internet connected device.

Sound good?

It is!

A partnership with Network Computing Group is the insurance that you need against unexpected events.

Keep your confidential files secure!  Keep your business going no matter what life throws at it!

We’ll help you get it done – every step of the way.



Business continuity is about much more than saving files and data.

It’s about taking care of people – your family, your clients, and your employees.

It’s about being ready to face challenges head-on and lead the way when others falter.

It’s about leadership – your leadership.

Let us worry about caring for your data.

We’ll put together a rock-solid business continuity plan for you…

So you can focus on the daily issues and big-picture strategies of running your business.

Let’s have a talk. Contact us at (540) 400-7358 or