Protect Your Data and Future-Proof Your Organization

Every business owner knows the importance of data protection. It drives your business forward, but the loss of it can be catastrophic.

Businesses just like yours fail every year because of lost data.  It’s unfortunate – but true.

It doesn’t matter where the data loss comes from…

Criminal activity. Natural disaster. Human error.

The outcomes are the same.  Loss of data means loss of reputation, productivity, revenue, and often, loss of the business itself.

But what if all that could be avoided?

Before you think disaster recovery… think disaster avoidance and data protection.

Yes, we focus on disaster prevention at Network Computing Group by aligning you with technologies that work in a multi-pronged approach.

It starts with a great local backup. In fact, 95% of data restores happen on the local network. Why wait for the cloud-downloaded restores when the data you need can be securely recovered in seconds from a local repository? Next is offsite replication. For the tiny percentage of incidents out there where something major has happened – and your facility is no longer accessible – it’s nice to know your data is safely replicated to a data center. All Network Computing Group backup solutions utilize virtualization failover technologies to run servers on unlike hardware. If needed, we can run your network anywhere, anytime.

That’s right! Network Computing Group is here to work with you to ensure every bit of Information on your computer network is completely protected from any data loss.  Sure, many other IT companies may use scare tactics such as “Can you recover from data loss?” or “X% amount of small businesses never recover from a system failure.”  These scare tactics never work in convincing any size of company of the need for data protection.

What companies like yours want from their IT provider is accountability, reliable technologies, and a partner they can trust.  This is what Network Computing Group provides to every business that trusts us in securing their data and the careers of each and every employee.

It’s all about accountable results that you can trust.

We’ll install the right solution. –  We’ll manage the process 24/7/365. – You’ll have peace of mind that your data is safe.

We focus on disaster avoidance, not disaster recovery. After all, the best backup solution is a service that prevents a disaster from happening in the first place.

Network Computing Group is in your corner (image of a boxer in a corner with coach).  Our team of highly trained technology professionals will ensure:

  • You have our commitment. Every piece of technology you get from Network Computing Group is built on best practice technologies that are proven to work with organizations like yours.  We invest countless hours into making sure only the best backup systems are in place. We don’t mess around when it comes to backups.  Your data is our data.
  • You have a team of IT experts who have your back. Simply put, we make sure your computer systems maintain 99.9% uptime so your network can perform when you need it most.
  • You will have a multi-threaded backup solution that uses local storage and cloud technologies with virtualization failover to guarantee your data is recovered faster than any other solution.

Data protection is where Network Computing Group shines!

We focus on your IT so you can focus on your business.

While the chances of a major disaster – like a flash flood down Main Street in your town – are quite remote, the majority of data loss is the result of localized issues such as a tree falling through the roof, a lightning strike, or theft.

Whatever potential data-loss situation may crop up in your business…

Network Computing Group has you covered.

Our automated offsite backup and disaster recovery service will allow you to do business with confidence – knowing your data is backed up and secure.

We provide your business with near real-time backups that include seamless offsite data storage along with archiving and fast server virtualization capabilities.

Advanced restoration options include:

  • File And Folder Level Restoration
  • Exchange Message And Mailbox Recovery
  • “Bare Metal” Restorations To Dissimilar Hardware

Regular, short interval backups provide you with a high number of potential backup points, enabling you to deal with any data-loss scenario.

We have real people actively monitoring your backups daily.

If a data-loss incident occurs, our technicians will restore your data quickly in case of a problem, so you never have to worry.

Let’s get your data secured! Contact us now at (540) 400-7358 or