Your business is dependent upon access to its files.
Data is the fuel that drives your organization forward.

At the same time, legislation and industry-specific compliance standards spell out exactly how your company acquires, uses, stores, retrieves and secures that data.

Your workflow can get very complicated, very quickly.

We understand.

The Network Computing Group team has spent years supporting the IT environments and the daily processes of organizations varying from venture-backed startups to governmental agencies. We are well versed in the complexities of IT for high-compliance, data-reliant businesses.

The industries that Network Computing Group specializes in are:

  • Property Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Healthcare
  • Non-Profit Associations

Do your organization’s IT troubles slow down your workflow and inhibit your ability to get projects done promptly?

We can help! Our team has spent decades aligning IT to business and providing peace of mind to organizational leaders.

Why is that important?

Because if you don’t have to worry about your technology, you can focus all your abilities and attention on the growth-oriented tasks that will propel your business to its next plateau in growth.

We will bring the kind of strategic, proactive IT approach to your business that will result in an IT platform that is stable and secure. Having an IT platform that they can count on will enable your employees to plan their work more effectively and build more efficient processes utilizing IT integration, automation, and collaboration.

Some of the services that we offer to the specialized Washington DC-area organizations we support are:

  • Managed Services – Proactively maintaining your hardware and software to stay ahead of any potential issues is pivotal to your operations. We follow up our proactive maintenance by remotely monitoring your IT environment to ensure security and stability.
  • IT Compliance – Dealing with the regulations of your industry or state/federal legislation can be burdensome and complex. We will make IT Compliance simple for you and your organization. We will set up your systems correctly and help you modify your workflow to conform to best-practices.
  • IT Consulting – Providing high-level IT advice for the BIG business decisions that you face. Today, technology considerations must be factored into the strategic thinking of executives as they plot the course of their company’s growth.
  • Service Desk – Delivering answers to your day-to-day IT questions and responding quickly to any urgent issue is what the friendly Network Computing Group service desk technicians do. Taking your calls and responding to your concerns is important to us.
  • Cloud Services – Ensuring that you and your employees are making the most of your cloud assets to drive mobility, collaboration and productivity is an essential part of our Cloud Services offering.
  • Cyber-Security – Keeping your defenses updated and protecting your IT infrastructure falls into the category of Cyber Security. We ensure that your systems are updated, that security patches are in place, and that all endpoints are configured to prevent intrusion.
  • Data Backup and Business Continuity – Verifying that your backups have been done properly and that your data can be easily recovered if necessary is central to a robust Business Continuity strategy. Because so much of your business relies on data, having the Network Computing Group Business Continuity experts on your side is a wise move.

Didn’t see your industry listed above?

We can still serve you! We care for the business technology of dozens of different companies that lie outside of the industries in which we have specialized experience.

The fact is, if we deliver IT support to high-compliance, data-reliant industries like those above, we can certainly resolve whatever technology pains that your organization is facing.

Let’s get started! Give us a call now at (540) 400-7358 or send an email to to begin a no-obligation conversation with one of our friendly representatives.