Have you had a bad breakup with your last IT support company?

We’ve heard ALL the horror stories, and our clients will happily tell you that we’re different! We’re only successful when your systems are working flawlessly.  How does that work? We deliver an all-inclusive, flat-rate, IT care solution for businesses like yours.

Just one simple, monthly IT payment covers it all, so it’s easy to fit top-notch IT support from NCG into your budget! This also means that we have a financial incentive to keep your IT running in tip-top shape – every single day. The better your systems run, the more profitable our business is. So… our interests are aligned with YOURS!

Your business deserves non-stop, 24/7 support.

That’s what we deliver! Keep your business productive – even while you’re sleeping!

Need some help for your in-house IT staffers? Then you need our IT care solution for businesses!

Are your IT employees pulling out their hair?  Many IT staffers are overworked and overwhelmed. Let us share the burden and help them out. You want to prevent downtime from happening at all costs, and we have the solution for you. By combining strict adherence to IT best-practices, regular updates, and top-shelf solutions, we deliver seamless, secure, and productive IT working environments. It’s not rocket science. It’s MUCH MORE serious than that. It’s YOUR business!

Let us give you the confidence of a productive IT environment with 99.999% uptime. Network Computing Group Inc. will be your reliable IT partner. We’ll eliminate IT hassles and guessing games so that you can focus on what’s important in your business.

Let’s get started. Contact us at (540) 400-7358 or info@ncg-net.com