Here’s Why More Engineering Firms Are Switching and Choosing Outsourced IT Service and Support With NCG.

I have to say it, “Technology isn’t foolproof, and breaches will happen. Your engineering firm will experience technical issues at some point. It’s not if, but when.”

Today, Information Technology is at the core of your engineering business, and it’s more complex than ever before. Unlike the days where you could rely on just a few part-time, in-house tech guys, today’s engineering firms are opting for the expertise of an up-to-date and full-time IT Partnership, like Network Computing Group, to guarantee their networks and computers stay secure, up and running—no matter the situation.

Do You Want Your Information Technology Solutions to Make You a Success or Force You to Cross Your Fingers?

It is a modern-day practice that marketing, customer service, and profitability have become technology-driven. The success of your engineering firm is increasingly defined by the security, availability, and performance of your IT infrastructure. The growth of the Internet and network usage has also increased your demand for around-the-clock IT Service and Support.

Let’s also not forget, your engineering firm has complex technology requirements.  You require large amounts of bandwidth. You must store huge AutoCAD designs (Big Data). Plus, you need to collaborate on projects with your peers wherever they are.

You additionally require secure Information Technology solutions for:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Management
  • Organization
  • Data mining
  • Telecommunications

Along with delivering the products and services your clients demand, you must have innovative technologies for:

  • Research
  • Assess
  • Test
  • Produce

Today’s Engineering Firms invest in these types of services with Network Computer Group who provides innovative, secure, efficient and scalable technologies.

But what about cyber security?

According to the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC): “There was a 38% increase in cybersecurity incidents over the last year.

Engineering firms must protect their networks. As cybersecurity risks and dangers mount, engineering firms must have a clear strategy and stronger protections in place, both internally and for public safely.

NCG will work alongside and assist you and perform the tasks the ACEC recommends:

  • Identify Critical Data
  • Map Data Stores and Flows
  • Perform a Controls Risk Analysis
  • Rate the Maturity of your Security Controls
  • Develop Short-and Long-Term Remediation Plans

They will guide you through using, storing and securing Big Data that’s so massive it can’t be stored in-house. Network Computing Group has the resources to provide what you need to compete in this challenging environment.

Outsourcing your IT with NCG provides non-stop coverage of your entire technology environment—Unlike your tech employees who don’t show up to work due to illnesses, vacations, family issues and holidays, your Network Computing Group won’t leave your side.

With Network Computing Group, you get an entire team of Information Technology experts who are up-to-date with technology. This eliminates the high cost of ongoing training for your in-house tech guys and frees up spending on recruiting, hiring and managing IT staff.

When you consider all of this, outsourcing your Information Technology with Network Computing Group pays for itself.

You will want a trusted IT Partner who will leverage their knowledge of the leading engineering applications along with cloud services, virtualization technologies and other IT solutions to optimize your day-to-day operations and enhance your capabilities.

Contact your NCG Information Technology expert team now at (540) 400-7358 or to learn more about what Network Computing Group can do for your engineering firm.