The Right IT Services – The Right Staff – The Right IT Outcomes

We’re here to help you succeed. That’s the bottom line. Yes, we take care of the nuts and bolts of your IT services but we do technology so that you can do those things that will allow your company to thrive.

The IT Services Partner You Choose Should Support Your Agenda and Your Goals.

Computer support shouldn’t get in your way, suck up your time, or frustrate your employees.

That’s why NCG has put together a grouping of services that will enable your employees to get more accomplished in less time while spending less on IT management than you would with the traditional break/fix model.

How do we do it?

  • People that care about YOUR business success
  • A range of customizable options from one-time projects to fully-managed support solutions
  • Available monthly budgeted pricing
  • Fast response to your IT issues and answers for your questions

Your technology should be a tool that enhances your business. It shouldn’t be a drain on your resources.

We will deliver the appropriate level of computer support – providing you with a technology foundation that will support your current processes and your future growth.

Our Team Uses These Superb IT Service Offerings to Secure, Strengthen, and Streamline Your Business.

  • Managed IT – Caring for your in-house and cloud solutions as if they were our own.
  • Cyber Security – Ensuring that you have industry-leading software and protocols in place to protect your business.
  • Cloud Services – Leveraging the cloud to enable your business to be secure, mobile, collaborative, and agile.
  • Data Backup and Recovery – Utilizing specialized solutions to make sure that your proprietary information and confidential client files are saved and recoverable – no matter the circumstance.
  • Strategic IT Consulting – Getting you the executive-level advice you need to make the significant, roadmap decisions for your business.

Moving to an IT Service Partnership Frees Up In-house Resources.

Getting your IT infrastructure set up just right and maintaining it properly isn’t easy…

Especially if you’re trying to do it in-house.

In fact, it’s next to impossible.

After all, you are already a busy person, and your team is working hard too.

To do in-house IT, you have to deal with a lot of frustrations…Doing constant updates and upgrades, the high cost of IT employee salaries, and the need for constant IT learning. — It’s a lot.

The NCG IT services team specializes in serving companies just like yours.

We do outsourced computer support including IT management, maintenance, monitoring, and a whole lot more.

NCG IT services drive significant business benefits for your company!

Proactive IT management does more than just keep your computers working. Sure, that’s the baseline, but consider this.

  • NCG will use Cloud Services to leverage flexibility, mobility, and scalability.
  • NCG will optimize your IT environment for efficiency and productivity through 24/7 performance monitoring and
  • NCG will ensure connectivity, communication, and collaboration by researching and vetting the appropriate internet provider for your requirements.
  • NCG will help you take advantage of the global reach of internet-powered, full-function business telephone systems.

What does an IT services partnership with NCG Mean for Your Business?

It means that you can move forward in your business with confidence. – Just let us deal with everything.

A partnership with the friendly IT experts of NCG will give you the freedom to scale your business to the next level.

We are confident that we can address your current IT issues, and we’ll get you into a secure and more productive IT environment.

Already have Internal IT staff? Our IT services personnel love supplementing internal technology teams!

Although we can do it all, we certainly don’t have to do all the IT management within your business. If you already have in-house IT staff, we’d be glad to come alongside them and help them with:

  • Vendor Management – We have existing relationships that we can put to work for you.
  • IT Projects – We have the capacity (and time) to tackle the big projects.
  • Daily Tasks – We will free your internal IT staff from menial, repetitive IT management tasks so they can move their attention to the growth-centric projects that need to be accomplished.
  • Vacations, Sick Time, and Maternity Leave – Because we have a large team, we have the flexibility to cover for your valued employees so they can get the time off they need for a healthy work/life balance.
  • Wide-Angle Technology Strategies – Using our years of experience, analytics, and modeling we will help your in-house staff determine what the next strategic steps are for your IT environment.

Tomorrow’s business success will be dependent upon your technology. Get the right IT support partners. Get the NCG team! Contact us now at (540) 400-7358 or