Local Roanoke Area Managed IT Company is shining the light on technology for Non-Profits

Nonprofit organizations, local charities, advocacy groups are relying on business IT systems to help with the delivery of services to members, assist in the servicing of those who they are called to serve and accurately account for all donations received and expenses within the organization.

However, today’s nonprofit organization continues to struggle to find reliable Information Technology services.

Network Computing Group, a Virginia-based Information Systems and Technology consulting firm has identified the need for nonprofits today to have reliable technology services that allow larger to small nonprofit organizations to:

  • Engage with donors
  • Have information readily available
  • Understand the complete picture
  • Get a social media edge
  • Be mobile

“Technology plays a crucial role with each one of our nonprofit clients,” says Mark Bowles, CEO of Network Computing Group. “Nonprofits are real businesses, just like any for profit organization. They have a board they must report to, be accountable to members and donors and as their technology partner we understand our responsibility to ensure our nonprofit clients have technology systems they depend on.”

ChannelE2E recently named Network Computing Group as one of their Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs in 2017. ChannelE2E’s research identified and honored the top 100 managed service providers based on a worldwide survey of IT Consulting firms, conducted in early 2017. Rankings were based on annual recurring revenues in specific vertical markets including financial services, healthcare, legal, not-for-profit, manufacturing, government and education.

Network Computing Group demonstrated their commitment to keeping IT systems up and running throughout Virginia-based nonprofits. NCG is focused on managed IT services as well as comprehensive IT technology for nonprofits in the Roanoke area and throughout Virginia.

“We are honored to represent Virginia as a top 100, managed service provider for IT in North America,” Bowles continues. “Our priority has always been to serve the community while providing the best managed IT services for all our clients, including our nonprofit clients.”

NCG Specializes in Helping Your Nonprofit With Computer Services

We know that when you’re running a non-profit organization, you’re often working on a tight budget and with several variables to account for. At Network Computing Group, we design strategic IT plans just for you, to ensure you’re working with the most efficient and cost-effective technology to reach your goals. You can’t afford to deal with downtime, and proactive services and business continuity planning help to ensure that never happens. With Network Computing Group as your IT partner, you finally get the best return on your IT investment and the peace of mind you need to produce your best work.

With Network Computing Group we don’t just get you set up with technology and then disappear into the night; we provide strategic planning and guidance to ensure you’re making smart technology investments and decisions that will pay off for your future.

  • Our proactive services and support keep malicious intruders (like the recent Bad Rabbit malware) from compromising your workflow. Spam filtering, antivirus, and anti malware are just a few solutions helping to keep you protected.
  • Our business continuity planning ensures you’re prepared for absolutely anything; when you’re dealing with hardware issues, a data breach, or even a natural disaster, you’ll have everything you need to continue working with minimal disruption.
  • All of your data and applications are stored in the cloud, so you have peace of mind knowing downtime won’t cripple your operations.
  • With cloud services and virtualization, collaboration and privacy is more attainable than ever. You have the ability to share documents, work on tasks and receive information from clients and co-workers from any device.

Does Your Business Need To Use Wi-Fi?

As beneficial as the Internet is to business processes, it’s a scary place when you’re not properly protected. With spam, malware, viruses, and hackers all threatening to compromise your livelihood, you need a strategic IT leader to ensure you’re working with the right solutions to stay safe. With the recent threat of the “Bad Rabbit” malware that has been in the media recently, properly securing your transactions as well as your data is more important than its ever been. Bad Rabbit ransomware is malicious software that infects a computer and restricts user access to the infected machine until a ransom is paid to unlock it.

We know that you’re working in the office and on the go, using mobile devices inside the office and outside of work to view business information. You need assurance that your communications and transactions are secure, and that your data is never left exposed or unprotected. At Network Computing Group, we provide comprehensive network and wireless security solutions to keep your business protected.

  • With Network Computing Group as your IT leader, you have peace of mind knowing that everything is secure and accounted for.
  • Proactive solutions and strategic planning prevent viruses and intruders from entering your system.
  • Threats are always evolving, so we employ the use of sophisticated antivirus and anti malware solutions to combat the newest and most dangerous threats.
  • Firewall protection blocks intrusions without compromising your system performance; we’ll know as soon as an issues come up, and it’s dealt with right away to prevent downtime from disrupting your workflow.
  • Content filtering and anti-spam all work to keep you safe from looming online threats.
  • Wireless network security is crucial and too-often overlooked; we keep your mobile devices safe and stop guest users from accessing sensitive data.

Don’t take a gamble when it comes to your livelihood; at Network Computing Group we’ve spent years providing cybersecurity consulting and services that keep businesses protected.

Is your network causing a lot of frustration and downtime? Do you feel that your IT is slowing you down rather than helping you reach your business goals? Network Computing Group provides IT consulting to ensure your nonprofit continues to grow. Call (540) 400-7358 or visit ncg-net.com/contact-us to book your complimentary assessment with a NCG technology consultant.