Your field demands reliability.

You value your workers greatly, but sometimes having a staff of people who are giving of their time means you don’t always have access to all the skills you would like to have to run your business optimally. Limited resources and personnel often means that you must wear many hats. But unfortunately, you are already spread very thin. Managing your IT takes more time than you have. You wish there were a way to pass off the IT maintenance burden to someone else, so you and your team can get things done without distraction.

Network Computing Group — A Team with Amazing Services

Your clients chose your team because, in a field full of wealth management companies, your business stood out like a shining star. Services matter. You offer your clients a level of service that is unmatched by your competitors. Network Computing Group provides this same white glove approach with their IT services. We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients have a customized IT suite to meet their every need, and we won’t rest until you are satisfied.

Best of all, we are not only a managed IT services provider that offers amazing services, but we also work within your budget to deliver what your manufacturing business needs. What could be better? All the IT support you need to succeed and all for an affordable, flat-rate monthly fee. It sounds too good to be true, but we assure you that it’s not.

Among the services Network Computing Group can offer you are:

  • Mobile and tablet procurement, synchronization, and management
  • Office 365 and Google Apps expertise
  • Cloud computing solutions
  • Internet-based telecommunications systems
  • Advanced and proactive cybersecurity strategies
  • IT monitoring and management
  • Consulting and assessment
  • Hardware as a service
  • Data backup, storage, recovery, and restoration
  • 24/7 Help Desk access
  • Business continuity
  • Affordable subscription plans

We are here to help you succeed. Whatever you need, we will deliver!

Today’s cybercriminals are very sophisticated, and they are targeting manufacturing companies along with other data-rich industries.

Just when you think your security is as impenetrable as a walled fortress, they regenerate themselves and find a foothold that you didn’t even know was there. Manufacturing companies can’t afford to be vulnerable even for a minute.

As a professional with a high-demand business, it is critical that you put your best foot forward. What does this mean? It means having the technology that you need to give your clients confidence in your ability to help them manage their projects.

Managing your IT in-house is a massive job. The truth is, it’s taking up too much of your time. After all, you’re not an IT guy, and it’s likely that neither are the members of your staff. You’ve been limping along trying to make your technology work for you, but you realize that you’re not using any of what you have to its real potential. Sadly, some of what you have just isn’t working for you at all.

It’s time to consider a partnership with a professional IT team.

Network Computing Group is that team. We have the experience you need to help you meet all of your company goals.

Network Computing Group—A Team with a Commitment to IT Support Affordability

The bottom line matters. It matters for your clients, and it matters to your business. After all, you’re not in it just to produce goods for your clients; you do have a staff and a family to think about as well.

Many businesses limp along managing their IT on their own, mistakenly believing that outsourcing their IT to a professional team is just outside of their reach financially. Network Computing Group is proud to offer budgetable, comprehensive IT support solutions for the wealth management industry. Whatever your needs, we can deliver.

Looking for mobile device procurement and synchronization? Need Office 365 solutions and cloud computing services to increase collaborative efforts in your office? Seeking to shore up potential weaknesses in your network and wireless security? Network Computing Group is the team for you.

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We look forward to hearing from you.