Cybercrime is an ever-present threat to modern businesses in every industry. Without up-to-date and varied security measures, successful hacks to your business can compromise customer and employee data and harm the infrastructure, resulting in costly downtime.

Cybersecurity Services in Virginia

Allow Network Computing Group to help; as a part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that our clients are kept safe, we’re excited to announce that we’ve received a respected IT industry credential – the CompTIA Security Trustmark. Earning this recognition signifies that our company is committed to the industries best practices, including service delivery and customer interaction.

CompTIA is one of the leading pioneers in the world’s IT industry; its members are companies that are constantly at the forefront of innovation. They’re professionals who specialize in maximizing the benefits that companies like yours receive from their technology investments. With market research, networking, education programs, and much more, CompTIA is dedicated to advancing industry growth.

The Trustmark was developed by CompTIA in unison with other IT industry experts; it identifies businesses that have shown a commitment to providing the best quality service and show high levels of integrity.

Our company was evaluated on several aspects, including organization structure, the tools and systems we utilize, our operating procedures, and the services we provide.

With Network Computing Group, you know you’re getting an IT partner that’s committed to providing the most secure services and solutions for your business. We’re proud to offer the best services and support possible to our clients, which is why the CompTIA Security Trustmark means so much to us.

With our newly certified security services on your side, you’ll have the confidence that comes with knowing your business is safe. Without our support, security can quickly become a complicated and scary subject that’s often ignored for those same reasons. Most business owners cannot confidently claim that their network is secure. Can you?

Some of the questions you should be asking yourself include:

  • Are my computers, servers, laptops and mobile devices secure?
  • Is my network equipment secure (Including Firewall, ISP modem, switches, and Wi-Fi Access Points) and do I know who is connected to my network?
  • Do I have appropriate and up to date Antivirus and Antimalware software installed on all my systems?
  • Are my desktops and servers maintained with regular patches and updates?
  • Are my business’ passwords strong enough to prevent cybercriminals from figuring them out?
  • Are my employees informed about Security Threats and how to protect our clients’ data? 

There are many steps a business owner can take to secure their network. Some of the most effective ways to combat security breaches are simple tasks that can be performed without having to hire a security expert:

  • Stop hackers at the door: Your first step is to protect your network with a firewall from an industry-standard provider. While a no-name or off-brand vendor may cost less, security is really the one thing that you don’t want to cut corners on.
  • Update your software: Never ignore software update notifications. Software updates are not only to improve the functionality of software; they also serve as a patch for recently identified vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.
  • Change your password regularly: Keeping track of your passwords can be quite confusing, but that doesn’t excuse you from changing your passwords on a regular basis. Your password is the quickest way to gain access to your accounts, and it can be easily obtained through social engineering and keylogging. Ensure that you are always protected by using complex passwords and changing them regularly.
  • Install a reliable and up-to-date Antivirus solution: Threats to your agency are created every day. That’s why antivirus software providers send out updates regularly to keep your system protected from the latest attacks. Allow your antivirus to check for new updates every time you start up your computer.
  • Know which emails you should open: Just a few months ago, hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world were infected with WannaCry, a ransomware that encrypts the files on your system and prevents you from accessing them unless you pay a ransom. The prevailing delivery method for WannaCry is a spam email attachment, just like many other destructive malware scams before it. As a rule of thumb, never open email attachments from senders that you do not know. At your business, this means educating your staff about the types of email attachments that they should never open to prevent costly malware damage.

The good news? You don’t have to handle IT security on your own.

As vital as each one of those tasks is for your security, there is still the problem of making sure they are all done on a regular basis. That’s where a trusted partner in IT support can be so helpful. By having an expert team of IT security professionals like Network Computing Group assess your network and manage its many aspects, you can ensure that your technology is secure, without having to see to it yourself.

Get in touch with Network Computing Group to learn more about this exciting new credential as well as the IT security services and solutions we provide. Contact us right away at or (540) 400-7358.