By viewing our Webinar we would like to present you with a great opportunity to evaluate your current IT infrastructure and see which Microsoft Technology would most benefit your organizations business requirements.

During our Network Assessment, our mutual goal is to determine the reliability and stability of the computing environment. NCG analysts will evaluate your network architecture and computing environment. Our analysts will also work with key staff members to garner a more better understanding of business initiatives, existing issues and the technological needs of the firm. The results of the Network Assessment helps determine what work is required to achieve optimum stabilization and forecast the amount of ongoing monthly care your network might require.

Only when we match up your current inventory/systems against what your business needs does it become useful in building the Roadmap to get you where you need to be.

We focus on your business needs, the software currently running the business, software titles you are considering to purchase and then the physical inventory. We establish a baseline from which you can measure and know your progress..

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2 Hour Assessment valued at $750!