Passionate about delivering high-quality and innovative mobile solutions, NCG offers services that span the entire spectrum—from basic setup and configuration of iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices to application integration with communication platforms such as email. Whether you’re outsourcing or augmenting IT staff for your business, or just need occasional support, NCG can help you:

  • Get the most from your technology investments
  • Provide remote or onsite assistance for your mobile platform
  • Get professional advice on Apple and multi-platform solutions
  • Choose from a variety of solutions that best fit your requirements and budget

NCG is a Preferred source for Apple mobility technical consultants.

As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, NCG is your preferred source for Apple-certified mobility technical consultants. Our staff is comprised of certified professionals that are trained in delivering technology consulting and professional services to clients of all types.

New to iPhone or iPad

  • Choose the right solution for you
  • Set up and configure your network
  • Migrate data (email, contacts, pictures, and documents)
  • Synchronize contacts, calendars, and email
  • Back up data
  • Learn more about your new device or computer

Mobile Solutions

  • Choose the right Apps for your business
  • Integrate iPad/iPhone with existing networks
  • Deploy devices across your organization
  • Secure and Manage multiple devices